We have a vision of starting a conversation that starts a movement.

We aim to advance a purpose of collaboration and a offer sense of belonging and lives have value beyond what you do in your immediate physical self. We want to  protect and help operate your knowledge with you. In order to better the healthcare environment, we want to help disseminate knowledge more efficiently and effectively.


Through collaboration we can help you find the synergies needed to bring together co-authors, assembling a mixed panel, and even become the future home of true interprofessional education (IPE). As the traditional healthcare verticals have not enabled IPE to reach its potential, we will begin with one discipline at a time, bringing value to each area over time.

As the World Health Organization rates IPE consistent as one of their biggest needs. Let's take it from the one our nations leaders, Dr. Beverly Malone:

 Difficulty in harnessing the potentials of interprofessional relationships

One can find the full report on policy in the nursing workforce, here.


We have all felt that feeling of 'being alone'. With technology growing as quickly, this only needs to be something of the past. Teenagers are not even bored in the back of the van with their phones or tablet (do they ever play Eye Spy, or the alphabet game on long road trips anymore?)

Shifting resources and knowledge in the physical world might be difficult, but our platform will certainly enabled a new type of resourcefulness. Those individuals or institutions that are heavily resourced now have a home to deposit their knowledge and continue to help the community while being rewarded. Those in lower resourced areas can find that nurses elsewhere have the same challenges, be in environmental, staffing, or the numerous other hurdles we have to overcome to prevail.

Moving Forward

For us we plan to only accelerate what you can accomplish as being part of a team or community. It starts with you, but as we have seen through this pandemic, nothing is nearly as fun alone as sharing with others. But that begins with us protecting your IP, tracking and helping your reach new milestones, and presenting opportunities you would not have had otherwise.

So remain authentic in all you do, share when comfortable, and leave the rest to us.